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Our Compan Hostmagic.net has established itself as a trusted provider of VPS hosting,
Dedicated Servers, Domains, SSL certificates, and a variety of other hosting and complementary technology services.
Hostmagic.net is a truly global company with a unique focus on our customers. At Hostmagic.net , each customer is provided the personalized attention and world-class service that is already making waves in the VPS hosting world. We are different from our competitors simply because we focus on providing customers with the support and service beyond what is the industry standard. By focusing on a select set of services, we are able to provide the highest quality in not only the hardware and offerings but also with world-class technical and customer support 24/7.


Why Choose Hostmagic.net ?There are a number of reasons to choose Hostmagic.net , including the following:

  • Hostmagic.net offers a wide selection of platforms to ensure that customers find the right solutions for all of their website needs.
  • Hostmagic.net seamlessly integrates with a variety of operating systems, which means customers can grow their websites without encountering roadblocks.
  • Hostmagic.net offers some of the most competitive pricing, without sacrificing on the quality of the products and services.
  • Hostmagic.net provides an ironclad Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure users are provided excellent uptimes.
  • Hostmagic.net gives users the opportunity to get their questions answered faster with a special forum, live chats with representatives, and a robust social media network to share experiences.
  • Hostmagic.net provides guarantees to its customers, including uptime, instant setup, and 24/7 five-star customer service support.
  • With so many benefits and features available under one roof, it’s no wonder more customers choose to work with Hostmagic.net .

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More customers are discovering why it makes sense to do business with Hostmagic.net — and it’s time for you to experience our robust products and services. From VPS hosting and domain registration to SSL certificates and more, let Hostmagic.net help your online business grow to new heights. Contact a member of our customer service team today to learn more about the products and services Hostmagic.net offers.

VPS Hosting Servers

Standard shared hosting works well for smaller websites set up with fewer pages and aimed at garnering fewer views. For larger ones though, you need something more substantial, such as the VPS internet hosting that Hostmagic.net offers. This option delivers the combined benefits of dedicated and shared hosting, which cater sufficiently to medium-sized websites that expect decent regular traffic.

What exactly is VPS Hosting?

VPS is short for Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting is the kind where a website owner or business gets better functionality after they have outgrown and migrated from a previous shared hosting plan. Also called a virtual dedicated server, VPS allows much fuller control of the actions you can perform when it comes to your website. Where shared hosting forces multiple users to split common resources, VPS has server space that gets split up into units, each typically usable by just one hosting account holder.

VPS hosting makes use of virtualization technology to deliver powerful service in the form of multiple virtual servers. Each user gets the virtual equivalent of one piece of physical hardware functioning the same way as a separate server. In reality, all of such servers (VPSs) are contained in a single physical server which is shared among different users. The segmented effect provides higher levels of privacy and security for each user, each of whom effectively has a virtual server reserved solely for their own use. That means they do not have to share their CPU, RAM, or other data with anyone else.

Why Choose VPS Hosting?

Most novice users start off with a shared hosting plan, and then at a point in their long use of this, find they need exclusive access to set amounts of storage space and bandwidth. VPS Hosting is the logical choice, giving better features including isolated security, faster setup, more server access, and adaptability.

Managed VPS is one of the best upgrades you can make from a shared SSD hosting account. You get to enjoy the same ease of use on this side of the move, along with the additional benefit of free, round-the-clock, and top-grade technical support. Hostmagic.net managed VPS plans are scalable and flexible, with a highly secure setting for your data, as well as highly knowledgeable support staff waiting to fix whatever problem you present to them. We have been doing this a long time, and are proficient at managing a wide range of Windows VPS server configurations.

Pay for the Best VPS Hosting with Bitcoin

Hostmagic.net offers wide-ranging Bitcoin VPS hosting to its customers. You can buy VPS Hosting with Bitcoin from Hostmagic.net after seeing a plan that suits your requirements. The benefits of paying this way include being able to keep things anonymous no matter where you are on the globe, and ensure that your payment reaches its intended destination without being diverted on the way. Another major upside is that the whole process is tax-free, and then there is also the advantage that you can bypass the typical friction which comes from carrying out payments over regular channels online, even today.

Check out our VPS hosting plans, pick the one that you think works for you, and pay quickly and easily using Bitcoin. After that, you can get started using the VPS server option that you paid for. It is as simple as that.

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